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Its been (around) one year since I joined Newgrounds!
And what do I have to show for this amazing feat? well,
my movie Goob finally reached 1,000 views!
Bring out the Champane! Cause is celbration time!

And for all of you out there who say 1,000 views is nothing, why you got to poop on my parade?

Happy 1 Year Anniversary and 1,000 single movie views!

Camp Stuff

2008-07-17 02:08:40 by Ddiddily

I went to Sitka Fine Arts Camp and took an animation class.
These are the class animations.
I animated the guy eating the hamburger (at around 2:00 on the first video) and the alien lemonade one (around :50 on the second).

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Walrus vs Scotch Tape

2008-03-28 01:14:25 by Ddiddily

Cage Matches?

Whale vs Spoon?
Green Beans vs Angry Mob?
Hampster vs Toad?
Alaska vs World?
Alaska vs Toast?
World vs Toast?
Whale, Walrus, Green beans vs Toast?

(Picture is for upcoming animation)

Walrus vs Scotch Tape

Angry rant

2008-01-26 22:34:11 by Ddiddily

Okay, I have had enough. When flash "artists" reply to reviews that are shutting down their movie some do the classic response, "You have no audio or flash so how do you know what a good flash movie is?" Or the "So before you go criticizing people about their flash, maybe you should get up from the couch and make your own". Or the "you dont have any flash over a score of 3 so how can you judge what a flash movie is". I have seen WAY too many of these replies. Listen, it doesn't matter if you have made flash movies or not, you know what a good flash is and what isn't one! Hateful reviews are bad but you cant judge a persons reviewing skills by what flash they have or haven't made.

Okay thats my angry rant, I have seen way too many of those replies. If I am making someone mad at me, that wasn't my goal, so tell me.

Everyone can be a great animator

2008-01-13 03:22:50 by Ddiddily

I think that a lot of people on this site can make amazing animations. Even the ones who constantly spam Newgrounds. All you need to make a good flash is,
A good idea
good audio and
you need to spend time and work hard on your animation!!
I think laziness is the largest crutch to animatiors.
Just wanted to say that to the tiny amount of people that actually read my posts.

B for Bunny pic

2008-01-04 16:28:03 by Ddiddily

I am releasing a new movie called Dial B for Bunny, this is a screenshot from it! I think it's the bst thing i've done so far.

B for Bunny pic

The new year

2008-01-03 20:08:25 by Ddiddily

In celebration of the new year I made a flash movie called Goob you should check it out

Its not snowing

2007-12-01 22:26:43 by Ddiddily

Last year here in Juneau Alaska we had a ton of snow, now, no snow. None at all. Just rain. I hate rain.
Well since last year we had the most snow ever, I guess this year looks incredibly crappy by comparison. How is it looking in other places?

The Mosquito 2

2007-11-19 21:12:36 by Ddiddily

I dont know how well the Masked Mosquito 2 will do but I tried to put meaning into the movie.
I hope people are reading this. I got the idea for Poisoned city after a really old comic book where Spider man confronts the Kingpin. It was a pretty lame comic book that ended up with Kingpin convincing Spiderman that he should stay, for a while longer. I wanted to make a new movie that would show the same sort of thing except that the "Kingpin" character would die. The whole movie about how the city is Poisoned, there are a lot of bad people and Mr. K is holding them in line. Well thats about it. Any comments about the Mosquito 2 are really appreciated.

Mosquito #2 coming out soon!

2007-11-09 20:40:06 by Ddiddily

People liked the Mosquito so I am making another movie about the mosqito. I threw together Mosquito #1 in a hour or so, but I am spending a lot more time on the new one. Its going to be a lot more serious, and better animated. I am changing some things that people have said need fixing and hope Mosquito 2 Poisoned City will be amazing!

If you are reading this and liked Mosquito 1 or want to comment please do! If you want to see more Mosquito, (I know many of you dont even know who the mosquito is) Tell

Mosquito #2 coming out soon!